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PokeMon:Crimson Invasion Prerelase: 21-22 OCT 2017

Location: Collector's Cache
13354 College BLVD
Lenexa, KS 66210

Format: Sealed
$30 Entry Fee for each event

Midnight Madness
Registration: Friday, 20 OCT 11:00pm to 11:59pm
Start: Saturday, 21 OCT 12:00am to ~3:00am

Normal Saturday Flights
1215 Registration Begins
1300 Begin Play

1430 Registration
1500 Begin Play

Sunday Flights
1215 Registration Begins
1300 Begin Play

1430 Registration
1500 Begin Play

Local Store Special Events

Be sure to check out the Local Store Special Events Page for other events happening in the KC Area.

Magelings in Columbia has a lot of cool events coming up soon. click the link and make plans to be there.

PokeMon League Cup - 30 APR 2017

Location information:
Collector's Cache
113354 College Boulevard
Lenexa, Kansas 66210

Events Details:
Junior and Seniors Division Admission $10
Masters Division Admission $15

League Cup Info: Players need to have a deck list filled out and turned in prior to the start of the tournament.

Rounds will be 50 minutes plus 3 turns. We will then cut to top cut based on attendance. Top cut rounds will be 60 minutes plus 3 turns.

Masters Division Prizes:
1st - 36 Boosters, Playmat, and Promo Card, 2nd - 18 Boosters and Promo Card
3-4 - 9 Boosters and Promo Card, 5-8 - 4 Boosters

Junior and Senior Division Prizes:
1st - 18 Boosters, Playmat, and Promo Card, 2nd - 9 Boosters and Promo Card
3-4 - 4 Boosters and Promo Card

Prizes are subject to change based on availability and attendance. Prizes will be added if we get a higher number of attendees. We'll also have some amazing Pokemon themed giveaways!

Championship Point info - see link below:

Number of rounds is based on attendance. Junior/Senior Top Cut will begin as soon as their swiss rounds are finished.

Masters, if you participated in one of our Prereleases last weekend you get a $5 discount on today's League Cup!

Upcoming Events

Questions? Contact Steve Ferrell (feralevents1@aol.com) or Lloyd T. Dodson Jr. (d_h_thomas@hotmail.com).
You can also reach Steve by phone at (913)-208-6695 or Lloyd at (913)-620-4953.