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Special Note

Hey Gamers out there,

Our game community is a great one. Its often like a big extended family. I have always enjoyed this aspect of the gaming community. Its why I have continued to play the games we love.

One of our extended game family is in trouble. Calvins wife Ashley is in a very serious fight for life. Please go to this link and take a look. Calvin and Ashley have been regulars up at our game store for quite a while. This is not something she did to herself. Not something that poor decisions had anything to do with. Its from something she/they had no control over. Its just bad luck. Please take a look. Please send prayers their way. If able, send additional support.


I never really wanted to have a site and facebook page to ask for things, to subject all of you to an endless string of inane requests. I am not doing so now. I am asking, on Calvins and Ashleys behalf, for prayers from those that believe, and good thoughts and wishes from those that dont, and, from everyone, if able, a bit more.

Thanks for all you guys do, and I am glad to be a part of such a great extended Family/Community,


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Magelings in Columbia has a lot of cool events coming up soon. click the link and make plans to be there.

Kaladesh Prerelease - 24-25 SEPT 2016

Location: Collector's Cache
13354 College BLVD
Lenexa, KS 66210

$25 Entry Fee for each event played in.

Midnight Madness!!! Registration begins at 11PM on Friday September 23th
Hand out product at MIDNIGHT on Saturday September 24th
Get there early to make sure that you get signed up in time to see the newest cards before anyone else.

For the rest of Saturday we will have events starting at...

Sunday Events start at Noon and 4PM

Upcoming Events

Questions? Contact Steve Ferrell (feralevents1@aol.com) or Lloyd T. Dodson Jr. (d_h_thomas@hotmail.com).
You can also reach Steve by phone at (913)-208-6695 or Lloyd at (913)-620-4953.